Completed Projects

Human Being Best completed projects:

  • Human Being Best (HBB) donates £5000
    Dawhenya is one of most deprived areas located in Greater Accra, Ghana. HBB is proud to announce that the project to build a new Nursery next to St. Dominic Catholic Church in Dawhenya is underway. The Charity Trustee Ms Petra Oblak visited the site during the Easter period and explains: “I was very impressed with the way the project has been progressing. I have met many local families who have expressed gratitude for the work HBB is doing in Ghana. We are delighted that we can help and support the needs of the community. The good work will continue to help underprivileged children in Ghana”. (April 2019)
  • To the delight of the local children, school items including books, pencils, crayons, colouring books, workbooks etc were also delivered to the community, together with a box of sweeties. (April 2019)
  • A Water Pressure Pump with Filters and housing was also purchased for OSU Children’s Home. (8300gcd) This will provide clean water for the home which cares for 200 children. (May 2019)
  • A School bus has been provided for OSU Children’s home in Accra Ghana. School Bus is used daily to take children to school and back. (2016)
  • School Items / food are delivered on annual bases to OSU Children’s Home and to other underprivileged schools / children’s homes in Ghana
  • Donation was made to start up small training stations (sowing and hairdressing) to Billa Mahmud (Future Leaders) 2012
  • Contribution for Future Leaders Christmas Party – for underprivileged children in Greater Accra 2013

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